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Fight my clone Garfackys! Conquer all!! [29 May 2009|01:33am]

[ mood | peaceful ]

1. Name: Amanda
2. Nickname: none
3. Age: 18
4. Birthdate: September 6
5. Height: 5'5'' ish?
6. Gender: Female

7. Favorite Color: Purple
8. Image Color: Red
9. Eye Color: Brown
10. Hair Color: Brown

11. Symbol: Virgo/ Horse
12. Favorite Animal: Wolves, Cats, Cheetahs, Dragons, and Pheonixes.

13. Character: Usually kinda quiet and reserved, unless I'm with my friends or family - then I get really hyper and crazy. I tend to zone out a lot and daydream. You'll always find me with a sketchbook, a pencil,  and usually an I pod.
14. Likes: Manga/anime, classic rock, Yankees, Bowling, and reading.
15. Dislikes: Spicy stuff, rap, and Math

16. Favorite Person: Don't really have one
17. Hated Person: I don't really hate anybody. Dislike, yes but hate, no.
18. Loved Ones: Friends, family, my cats xD

19. Specialties/Talents: Drawing, my creativity, and I guess writing >>;
20. Hobbies: Drawing, writing, listening to music.
21. Interests: Manga/anime, books, writing, animals.
22. Strong Points: Extremely creative, good at finding alternative solutions to problems.
23. Weak Points: Procastinator, slightly opinionated, perfectionist to the point where it sometimes slows me down (in my writing and drawing only xD)

24. Personal Policy/Motto: There is no such thing as weird. Weird or normal only comes from someone else's opinion of you. So be yourself, screw everyone else!
25. First Person: Boku (I am normally informal but will give respect to those who deserve it. Wait, I guess that would be more Watashi? I think I'm a mix of both <<;)
26. Type: The one who stays true to herself no matter what other people think.

27. Mature or Immature: Mature inside but sometimes acts immature.
28. Leader or Follower: Depends -  a lot of the time I'll just go with the flow, but I'm not opposed to leading if need be.

29. What kinds of food do you eat?: Sweet things like chocolate or candy but I also love things like raspberries and strawberries.
30. Describe your personality: A lot of energy, tend to be hyper. I talk a lot and tend to babble. I am very creative and will almost always be working on something whether it be a drawing or a story. I am also very impatient and don't like to stay still for long periods of time. If you get me angry I can get violent - especially with words, but it usually takes a lot to get me to that point. As I said before, I can be opinionated - especially if it is about something I love.

31. Favorite DK  character and why?: Ruwalk and Alfeegi or any of the Officers. To me, the Officers' personalities kinda clash with each other but in a good way (usually xD) They are like four parts of a whole, each one as important as the others. The way they react with each other also tends to be very amusing, especially with Ruwalk and Alfeegi.

32. Anything else?: Umm, not really ^ ^;;

33. Include a picture or describe your physical appearance: Average looking - average height, brown hair and eyes. I wear glasses and am usually in a t - shirt and jeans or anything casual. My hair comes to a few inches below my shoulders but I am in the process of growing it out to mid back.

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Fight my clone Garfackys! Conquer all!! [12 Apr 2009|05:46pm]

[ mood | tired ]

1. Name:
2. Nickname:
3. Age: 18
4. Birthdate: 01/01/1991
5. Height: 5'5"
6. Gender: Female

7. Favorite Color: Purple/Silver
8. Image Color: An light shade of yellow! ^.^
9. Eye Color: Green-brown
10. Hair Color: Dirty Blone or mouse brown

11. Symbol: Capricorn and technically Horse since I was born before the Chinese New Year.
12. Favorite Animal: Seahorses! They are so cute!

13. Character: Loyal to friends and loved ones, to the point of yelling at strangers for making them upset, and stubborn to foolishness.
14. Likes: Chocolate, coffee, books...
15. Dislikes: stuffing, evil people.

16. Favorite Person: My best friend!
17. Hated Person: Ehh... This ones hard! I guess anyone that hurts people I love.
18. Loved Ones: Sisters, parents, friends.

19. Specialties/Talents: I can play the violin a little, and can read books....
20. Hobbies: Books, anime, Ponystars.com....
21. Interest: Books, anime, animals.
22. Strong Points: I'm good at analyzing things.
23. Weak Points: I'm some what illtempered, not an morning person, not physicaly strong.

24. Personal Policy/Motto: I love my family and friends! ^.^
25. First Person: Erm... I guess boku?
26. Type: Weakling or damsel in distress.

27. Mature or Immature?: inbetween
28. Leader or Follower?: both....

29. What kinds of food do you eat?: Chocolate, anything sweet really.
30. Describe your personality: Erm... Loyal, sweet, loving, caring, smart, and stubborn.

31. Favorite DK character and why?: Nohiro or Gil. Nohiro is so goofy and funny, while Gil is so like a cat I wanna squeeze him tight ^.^

32. Anything else?: Not that I can think of.

33. Include a picture or describe your physical appearance:
Average height, medium length hair, glasses, slightly chubby, and I tend to dress causually.

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MOD POST [27 Sep 2008|10:37pm]

Dragon Knights needs more advertising!! We need to get the DK name out there, people! SPREAD THE WORD~! XDD

Anyway, a few applications need more votes, and some of tHEm are quite old. The oldest ones are listed first: GET TO VOTING FOR THESE POOR, PATIENT SOULS!

m_cyrus_weiss's application needs 3 more votes!
katya_san's application needs 8 more votes!
dragonbeak's application needs 1 more votes!

Fight my clone Garfackys! Conquer all!! [18 Sep 2008|09:54pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Proceed to Beaky trivia...Collapse )

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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all! [08 Sep 2008|01:17pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Have i done this already...?Collapse )

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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all! [15 May 2008|05:47pm]

[ mood | okay ]

1. Name: Kaitlyn
2. Nickname: Lyn, Kags, Kaitlyn, Katya, Katrin (only for DnD)
3. Age: 16
4. Birthdate: 02/24
5. Height: 5'5" ish
6. Gender: I'm a chick
7. Favorite Color: Black~
8. Image Color: Pink I guess...not sure what this means
9. Eye Color: Blue-greyish
10. Hair Color: Light brown, a slight bit of blonde is still there.
11. Symbol: Pisces.
12. Favorite Animal: I don't think I can pick just one. I like most of them. Just not the bugs.
13. Character: ....I'm kinda annoying, but fun?
14. Likes: Playing piano, reading, cosplay, watching TV, listening to music, playing jazz (even though I don't like listening to it), gaiaonline, DnD, band, rock music
15. Dislikes: Liars, suicide, heartless people, rap music, people who think they're superior, bugs, tornadoes
16. Favorite Person: I don't have a favorite person
17. Hated Person: Cat and Ali
18. Loved Ones: My friends?
19. Specialties/Talents: I'm pretty good at the piano. I'm a decent baton twirler....
20. Hobbies: Cosplay, piano (in case you couldn't tell), baton, listening to rock music, motorcycles, online survey stuff, DnD
21. Interest: This seems like the same question again o_o
22. Strong Points: I'm a nice person, fun to be around.
23. Weak Points: I don't have very high self-esteem. I'm annoying and stupid. I also hide a lot of how I feel.
24. Personal Policy/Motto: I don't have one
25. First Person: I?
26. Type: I don't have a type...o_O
27. Mature or Immature?: I can be mature, and I think mature thoughts, but I act immature
28. Leader or Follower?: Follower, because nobody would ever let someone like me lead~
29. What kinds of food do you eat?: I love chicken and chocolate. I eat a lot of cheese, too. And yogurt.
30. Describe your personality: Fun one here. I am constantly conflicting with myself. So, I'll think two different things. I try to seem stronger than I am, but my self-esteem usually isn't that high. I try not to let people in-I have reasons not to trust-, but I'm naturally an open person, so I let people in out of habit. I can rarely cry for myself, but I'm still a crybaby. I cry for friends when they go through hard things, although I don't let any of them know that. I try to take pride in the few things I know I'm good at. This would be piano and cosplay accessories. I think deeper thoughts than a lot of people and can be mature, I just don't act mature.
31. Favorite DK character and why?: Karhl! Not only is he an alchemist (I love the series Fullmetal Alchemist to no end), but he's HILARIOUS! Mr. Death Die~. It's been a while since the library got rid of this series, so I can't recall all the reasons I liked him, but he's awesome.
32. Anything else?: I play percussion in jazz band, concert band and marching band...my clothing style has a tiny bit of goth, some punk (not hardcore punk though), Amy Lee (she's a major influence of my style), and just me being weird. I'm usually wearing black and gloves. I enjoy singing, although I'm not good at it. I get excited easily. I am also easily distracted.
33. Include a picture or describe your physical appearance: http://s64.photobucket.com/albums/h185/alchemiotaku/?action=view¤t=DSCN0779.jpg

Sorry, it's a little blurry and my mirror was in need of cleaning.

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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all! [14 May 2008|03:07pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Let's see if anyone is still here. XDCollapse )

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MOD POST [21 Oct 2007|10:15pm]

Hello Everyone! While there haven't been many applications lately, we still have one person who needs more votes!. Please continue voting, and spreading the DK word!!!

nuclearpez's application needs 3 more votes!

"Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all!" [26 Jul 2007|04:57pm]



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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all! [04 Apr 2007|02:00pm]

Lets go!Collapse )
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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all! [17 Mar 2007|02:12am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Read more...Collapse )

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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all! [07 Feb 2007|02:11am]

Stamp me, please!Collapse )
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[Admin] Happy New Year! [01 Jan 2007|01:26pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Good luck for 2007, everyone. I hope it's a good one.

The voting contest has now closed. You can continue to vote on the two applications that are currently active, but please don't vote on any older ones as it will mess up my counting. I'll be in contact with the winner over the next few days to discuss prizes. ^_^

A big thanks to everyone who gets up and votes - without this core group of people the community wouldn't run at all! dk_stamping now has 53 members, and I hope to see more of those members getting active this year. It doesn't require a great committment or a lot of time, and you don't have to vote on every single application. More participation makes it more interesting for everyone else.

Cheers from the mods, and enjoy your parties! ^_~

Anddd, the winner is: breyzyyin! ^_^

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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all!~ [26 Dec 2006|04:10pm]

Clickity, clickity, click~Collapse )
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[ mood | thoughtful ]

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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all! [02 Dec 2006|08:25pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all! [12 Oct 2006|04:59pm]

Am I late for the party? :DCollapse )
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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all! [23 Aug 2006|10:20pm]

[ mood | amused ]

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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all! [15 Aug 2006|06:26pm]

HiyaCollapse )
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[14 Aug 2006|10:46am]

HELLO EVERYONE! the community is working great, but i've noticed a period of absolutely nothing going on! remember to vote on other applications, and the Voting Contest is still in effect!

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