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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all!

1. Name: Kathy
2. Nickname: Celi
3. Age: 18
4. Birthdate: 09/06
5. Height: 5'5"ish
6. Gender: Female

7. Favorite Color: I like lavender best, with icy blue as my second.
8. Image Color: I would probably be more of a yellow :O I'm very bouncy and energetic and though I don't like the color very much, it fits me best!
9. Eye Color: Brown
10. Hair Color: Dark dark brown, almost black

11. Symbol: A symbol of me? I think the sun fits me well. For one, it matches my color. Two, it's warm and bright. People also like the sun and people seem to like me :P
12. Favorite Animal: Arctic foooox. They're so pretty.

13. Character: I suppose I am a very cheerful person, energetic, a bit bouncy around people, and just a little immature! xD However, I'm also a bit of a worrywart, usually about being late. I guess I'm just a peppy person.
14. Likes: Sweets, Ninjas, Manga, anime, video games, drawing, a good mix and blend of colors on anything, colors themselves, jokes, sarcasm, CHIBIS. X3 Oooh, sparkles and glitter too.
15. Dislikes: Filling out my likes and dislikes |D (done it too many times), people who say people, in general, suck, boring stories, imitating art, tracing art and saying it's your own work, art THIEVES, shota that is porn (shota art is cute as long as it isn't dirty), furry/anthro (kemonomimi is okay), really bad use of colors DX.

16. Favorite Person: It changes daily. :3 I have no favorite person.
17. Hated Person: Same. I don't really have a "most hated" person. Though, I always hate pedophiles, so I guess that works.
18. Loved Ones. This is different from the favorite person question: My family and friends. Honestly, that's all I love. :x I've never had pets or anything.

19. Specialties/Talents: I can draw chibis and I'm pretty good at most everything, just not a master at anything. I'm good at making people cheer up too. Languages are also fun. :x
20. Hobbies: Drawing, reading, DDRing, ummmmm anything indoors. Oooh, puzzles *_*
21. Interest: Any of my likes and hobbies. I love anything to do with colors. XwX Maybe it's because I love to draw, but I just LOVE colors and it's definately an interest xD...I like sparkly, glittery things too.

22. Strong Points: I can adapt pretty good. I am also a jack of all trades, master of none, so I can pretty much do whatever as long as I'm taught. I also am cheerful and bouncy so I try to keep people happy as well. :D It might not be a good thing but I can lie pretty well too >>;;;;
23. Weak Points: I procrastinate like no other being. And I worry WAY too much, to th epoint of spazzing out.

24. Personal Policy/Motto: "If it happens, it happens!"
25. First Person: Atashi. :x I deny it but I'm a girly nerd. Deep down. xD
26. Type: The loud asian girl that ninjas everywhere// I'm good at sneaking up on people xDDDDD

27. Mature or Immature?: Maturity to the point where you know when it is proper to be immature. :P
28. Leader or Follower?: I wanna be a follower but I'm a very leader type ^_^;

29. What kinds of food do you eat?: Oh, I eat asian things, sour things, and sweet things 8O. I can't eat a lot of spicy stuff or I die. ;_; Too hoooot.
30. Decribe your personality: Bouncy, energetic, and squees-a-lot. :P Well, maybe not the last one. I am very happy. :3

31. Favorite DK character and why?: Lorrrrd Kharl. He's a pretty one and I always like the secondary villains. For example, in FFVII, I admired Rufus more than Sephiroth. xD So I like Kharl more than Nadil. Maybe because Kharl is the devious one. :3

32. Anything else?: NOPE.

33. Include a picture or describe your physical appearance: Half-korean, 5'5", only 121 lbs but there's fat in there. VERY long legs with a really short torso. Kinda a long face. :o GLASSES!
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