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"Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all!"


<b>1. Name:</b>  Rowan Hawes
<b>2. Nickname:</b> Sir ~ Schwanz Sama
<b>3. Age:</b> 17
<b>4. Birthdate:</b> 19th Febuary 1990
<b>5. Height:</b> 5'3
<b>6. Gender:</b> Female

<b>7. Favorite Color:</b> Black or Red but i look best in Peacock Blue (although i still always wear black)
<b>8. Image Color:</b>  Uhhhh.........Black?
<b>9. Eye Color:</b> Green
<b>10. Hair Color:</b> Blonde/Brown/Red/Black/Green it depends on what mood its in...

<b>11. Symbol:</b> Fire
<b>12. Favorite Animal:</b>  Anything man-eating

<b>13. Character:</b>
<b>14. Likes:</b> I dont like many things but if you're going to force me. I like speaking properly ... i pride myself on my inability to talk Northern, I like winter mornings and waking up and finding it snowed in the night...although of course this is getting rarer due to global warming. I love kimonos, Hot baths, Long sleeps, Fires, Weapons, History, Films, Army uniforms make everyone look smexy and Alcohol
<b>15. Dislikes:</b>  I dislike a lot of things. Little children, People walking behind me, Ladders, Daytime TV, People who cant think for themselves, Spiders and People who dont have the first clue about personal space...

<b>16. Favorite Person:</b> Other than myself? I have two...My best friend (yes i know that sounds cliche) but she is the most amazing person i have ever met and i would say that even if she wasnt my best friend...shes got everything i look for in a mate...understanding, funny, individual, happy....you name it! And my big bro...yeah ive been close to him for a long time althoguh he used to be a waster he is a sweetie underneath and the best big brother i could ever wish for (i really hope he never reads this ><)
<b>17. Hated Person:</b> Feh.....i hate a lot of my so called "friends" theyre all back stabbing, money grabbing bitches (dont worry they know ...i told them) and a lot of the time i end up hating thier guts.
<b>18. Loved Ones. This is different from the favorite person question:</b> I think for me its the same as my favourite people ....i love all my family but they are difficult so i would stick with Rupert (my big bro) and Georgina (my best mate) and of course Myself....i always come first and i dont believe you should ever place anyone above yourself "i will love only myself and if all people exist to magnify that love then there is no world more glorious than this" in the words of Gaara

<b>19. Specialties/Talents:</b> I can wrap my legs round me head, Have a photographic memory, Good listener,  Good at cleaning weapons, Concealment exercises, Ambidextrous and I can go cross eyed
<b>20. Hobbies:</b> Watersports, Shooting and Horse riding
<b>21. Interest:</b> Being obnoxious, Beating off, Manga/Anime, Weapons, Satanism and The Occult

<b>22. Strong Points:</b> Individuality, Sense of Humour, Confidence, Nobility, Intelligence, Honesty, Good sense of right and wrong, Mysterious and Passionate (purrr)
<b>23. Weak Points:</b> Insanity, Violence, Superiority Complex, Megalomaniacal tendencies, Arrogance, Laziness, Perversion, Clumsy, Selfish, Self absorbed, Tenedency to speak without thinking, Moody, Anti social, Unpredictable and Obnoxious

<b>24. Personal Policy/Motto:</b> "Its my life and its now or never....'cos i aint gonna live forever, I just wanna live while im alive, 'Cos its my life!" - Bon Jon Jovi/Its My Life
<b>25. First Person:</b> Havent we already had this question? Fine! Ill play along.....ME!!!!
<b>26. Type:</b> Type of what....Car, Coffee, Book? Specify! I am the easily angered TYPE so watch it

<b>27. Mature or Immature?:</b> Mature i have a good head on my shoulders ... its very rare for me to be immature so when i am it scares me so i quickly stop!
<b>28. Leader or Follower?:</b> Leader i hate following

<b>29. What kinds of food do you eat?:</b> After ive devoured the bodies of my murder victims...I like to eat Ramen Noodles and Jelly Beans
<b>30. Decribe your personality:</b> Mysterious, Amusing, Unpredictable, Violent, Clumsy, Arrogant, Insane, Dark, Lazy, Individual and Confident

<b>31. Favorite DK character and why?:</b> Lord Lykouleon i always like the good characters (even though i seem to get stamped as the bad ones...) I think i see a lot of good qualities that i'd like to have for myself in him....if that makes sense

<b>32. Anything else?:</b> Do you comprehend mind slave?

<b>33. Include a picture or describe your physical appearance:</b>

Ill do both 'cos im cool

I am 17 years old, Taller than a dwarf but not exactly a collosus...i have a prescense because i tend to stand like ive got a poker shoved up my ass (one year of army training and thats all its done for me! Oh! dont forget the funny walking....)I have dark green eyes which are quite big and my hair is short and the colour it is mysteriosuly changes (ok it isnt mysterious its a thing called hair dye)

Heres a link (no pictures sorry) and in case you cant figure it out i am on the left


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