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Fight my clone Garfackys! Conquer all!!

Woah, I still haven't done this, well here I go!  Hope I did everything right ^^;

1. Name:
2. Nickname: DB, or Beaky (by the way, I really prefer it when people I don't know don't call me "Beaky")
3. Age: 19
4. Birthdate: August
5. Height: 5'1"
6. Gender: Female

7. Favorite Color: Purple
8. Image Color: Hm... slightly desaturated red violet
9. Eye Color: Brown
10. Hair Color: Black

11. Symbol:  Well, I'm a Virgo and then a snake for the Chinese zodiac.
12. Favorite Animal: Traditionally, it's dragons, but I've been on an avian kick lately :D flamingos, penguins, ducks, etc.

13. Character: At first I'm usually the shy, quiet girl but then after I feel comfortable I tend to be a bit whimsical and happy. Stay around a bit longer and then you'll realize I'm actually insanely paranoid about everything from time management to being accidentally responsible for blowing up a building (true story). If you're smart, you might realize that no matter how jokingly I may be acting I say and do everything with some serious intent. And while I tend to seem easy going at times I prefer to have control over my own situations, thus, leading me to prefer to take care of things myself. Oh, I also have got a naiveness about me (at least, other people seem to act like there is >>; ) but sometimes I can be a cynic.
14. Likes: Being productive, when things go according to plan, finding glorious bargains (30% and up), adding things to my inner cultural database, satire and sarcasm, cute things, stage musicals, fantastical stuff, finding weird ways to word things, art art art, learning stuff, killing two birds with one stone, finishing things, high contrasting themes, and reading...
15. Dislikes: When there is disorganization due to poor leadership/management, trying to make sense of why being rude isn't not justified, rude people (especially since I can't justify why they shouldn't be!), making phone calls to official places, salespeople, when people are being rude in such a way that I can't call them out on it without looking rude myself, wasting time, dirtiness, when I can't make sense of something, monotony, paperwork that looks like it matters, stupid humor, when people think they're original or hilarious for using obscenities, when people just meet me and use obscenities anyway, hypocrites, liars, oh! And when I mess something up because I do something forget some stupid, easy to do thing? I hate that too. This is a long list... and wasting money... and awkward moments...

16. Favorite Person: No one in particular.
17. Hated Person: I try not to hate anyone.
18. Loved Ones. This is different from the favorite person question: Very close friends.

19. Specialties/Talents: I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at art ^^; my more specific strengths would be my speed and gesture and maybe my odd ideas. I'm also pretty good with time management and keeping myself organized, while I may like to complain about it a lot. I'm also not so bad with waiting in places for long periods of time... unless it's for a bus.
20. Hobbies: Drawing, doodling, sometimes reading, sometimes writing, when I can afford it video games, recently roleplaying... but that hasn't gone so well >>;
21. Interest: Art, fantasy, anime/manga, Broadway musicals... this list never looks that interesting...

22. Strong Points: Hard worker, will more often than not find a way to do things instead of giving up, the previous then leads to optimism when it comes to calculated risk, I can keep myself entertained pretty easily, very patient with certain things, good with managing time, I really like to try to assessing a situation from all the angles before going in (but quite often, there's some small thing I miss >_>; those aren't great moments).
23. Weak Points: Shy, trouble trusting others, paranoid, very stingy, can't bear heavy loads, bad with confrontation (especially yelling, if you yell at me I hate you... forever), naturally a procrastinator, naturally bad tempered and I'd like to think I have it under control but it can result in resentful grudges.

24. Personal Policy/Motto: Hard work will pay off... if you do it right.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your own actions.
25. First Person: Watashi
26. Type:  That odd artsy kid who likes cute things (And was probably sheltered up until college?  What?)

27. Mature or Immature?: Mature when I'm not unhappy.
28. Leader or Follower?: I don't have a problem with following, provided the leader does his or her job.

29. What kinds of food do you eat?: I'm actually not pretty picky, but I prefer foods that aren't greasy.
30. Decribe your personality: Didn't I already do this? o_O;  Okay, hm...

Think of someone who's at first sort of shy and quiet.  Then when you to know her you realize she's sort of odd but happy and seems easily pleased.  Then you actually have a serious conversation or two and realize she's a nutcase who thinks too much about things like if florescent lights give you cancer or if it's really worth it to save that one dollar difference in water bottles.  And she likes to think that she's nice and caring but she won't trust you with sharing ketchup.  What a freak.

31. Favorite DK character and why?: Ruwalk.  It use to be Alfeegi, but honestly, I think it's because I can deform him so much and no one calls me out on being out of character.  At least, not to my face yet.  There are other reasons as well, I just can't articulate them >>;

Well, okay, there is one reason I can articulate, interesting hair.
32. Anything else?:  Damn, I made myself sound like Alfeegi...

33. Include a picture or describe your physical appearance: I'm Asian for starts, so that means I come with the standard black hair and brown eyes.  I'm slightly on the short side (as you could see above) and a bit squat.  I prefer comfort over fashion as well... tum de doo.
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