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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all!

1. Name: Crystal
2. Nickname: Lord Sauron
3. Age: 13
4. Birthdate: March 22
5. Height: About 5' 1"
6. Gender: Female

7. Favorite Color: Deep red
8. Image Color: Scarlet red
9. Eye Color: Light brown
10. Hair Color: Black

11. Symbol: Ram
12. Favorite Animal: Horse

13. Character: Random, stupid(as some would describe me), aggressive, stubborn, funny, loud, impatient
14. Likes: Anime, manga, cosplaying, making cosplay clothes, playing video games, obsessing over manga/anime/game characters, role-playing, contradicting people and knowing I'm right
15. Dislikes: Preppy people, pink, shopping, purses, hair highlights, things that take a long time to do, romance stuff

16. Favorite Person: My brother
17. Hated Person: There is no "one person" I hate. I hate preps.
18. Loved Ones. This is different from the favorite person question: I have known this feeling. And I speak honestly.

19. Specialties/Talents: Art, music
20. Hobbies: Drawing, playing the piano/violin/flute/kazoo, playing games on the computer
21. Interest: Glass-blowing, smithing, kung fu (and I mean the REAL Chinese martial arts), video games, drawing, piccolo, electric guitar

22. Strong Points: Don't care what others think, several personalities
23. Weak Points: Strong, STRONG ambition, not much loyalty, lack of maturity at times, not a good leader,

24. Personal Policy/Motto: You can always do it better.
25. First Person: Boku (I can only be so formal)
26. Type: The stupid loud one

27. Mature or Immature?: Immature
28. Leader or Follower?: Follower

29. What kinds of food do you eat?: Chinese food. I'll eat just about any type of veggie, meat, or whatever
30. Decribe your personality: I can get really random at times, and this is where people say I'm funny. I like to joke too. I'm ambitious, and I always want to be better than everyone else. I yell a lot when someone does something wrong. Um...I like to "horseplay" (as some teachers would probably describe it) and threaten people. Most are just empty threats, and they know I'm just joking. I always speak what's on my mind, and I just can't seem to keep a secret for very long.

31. Favorite DK character and why?: Gil, because he's the dark and silent type. I've always admired him. I like how he always tries to have his dreams fulfilled. Mostly the dark and silent type though. I think that makes him cool. ^^

32. Anything else?: Nothing much.

33. Include a picture or describe your physical appearance:

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