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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all!

Why do I want treasure? To sell it. So I can get the new PS3 that's going to come out.

1. Name:
2. Nickname: By my very innocent friends: 'Vivi'. =.= I despise that.
3. Age: 13
4. Birthdate: Jan. 22
5. Height: 5' 5" ish
6. Gender: Female
7. Favorite Color: Cerulean
8. Image Color: Sky blue
9. Eye Color: dark brown
10. Hair Color: pure black
11. Symbol: Wolf. Sometimes a loner, sometimes has friends.
12. Favorite Animal: Bird
13. Character: Serious and mature when it's needed, but funny and rather let-loose when with friends. Competitive, tries to lead, tries to stick through with everything 'til the end.
14. Likes: RPG video games, manga, anime, cosplaying, my friends, J-rock, being the best in what I'm good at, all my obsessions, standing up for what I believe is right, my photoshop elements 4, making icons, reading
15. Dislikes: Those preppy cheerleader-type fakes, shopping, doing homework, girly stuff (lace, frills, bows, pink >.<), people that dislike me because I'm different from them, anything that takes away my computer time ^_~
16. Favorite Person: My friendS. I have no favorite.
17. Hated Person: Aforesaid preppy people, people who discriminate
18. Loved Ones. This is different from the favorite person question: My friends and family. And yes, I have loved other people... but I got over them. Unrequited love to real people doesn't last long.
19. Specialties/Talents: Graphics, music (piano and violin)
20. Hobbies: Icon-making, collecting manga, obsessing over my obsessions XD
21. Interest: Sword-fighting, the arcane arts, video games, manga
22. Strong Points: Loyal, stand up for what I believe in, can sympathize with other people
23. Weak Points: Called arrogant sometimes, can be overconfident and then let down too much, overreacts to small things, doesn't take negative criticism well
24. Personal Policy/Motto: Cry only for the ones you truly love, and it's better to stand at the bottom then fall off the top.
25. First Person: Boku. Never humble yourself too much, but don't be egotistical.
26. Type: The fairly smart girl who is a bit of a nut with friends
27. Mature or Immature?: Mature when it's best to be, immature when I don't have to be mature. ^_~
28. Leader or Follower?: Leader.
29. What kinds of food do you eat?: Chinese and American. Basically.
30. Decribe your personality: I'm serious like, half the time. I think I have a relatively balanced character, where I can be alternately random and funny, and act like a serious adult. I like to be the best in what I'm good at, since I don't feel like I have to be the best in everything. I love my friends and family, and really would be sad if something happened to them. As a leader, I can be a good one, but it depends on my followers. Apt to yell a bit when I get impatient, though. Not too much. Fiercely competitive in competitions. XD I like to be with a friend most of the time, usually only one or two.
31. Favorite DK character and why?: This is hard. I have two people I really like, Lykouleon and Thatz. This wrenches my heart, but I'm going to have to go with Thatz. Just pure amusing most the time, he makes me laugh, and when things get serious, you can really tell that he has the capacity to fight for what's precious to him, and stand up.
32. Anything else?: I don't think so. *glances at amount typed*
33. Include a picture or describe your physical appearance: You saw the height, saw the eye color and hair color. Oh well. I have shoulder-length black hair, completely straight, parted slightly to the right, no bangs. I wear glasses. I'm definitely not pretty, but I can't say I'm really ugly either. *shrugs* Which is fine with me. I'm not skinny, but I'm not fat either. You'll usually see me wearing a T-shirt with some kind of design on it and long pants, usually dark blue jeans, with sneakers and either my Cloud wolf necklace or my Dirge of Cerberus necklace.
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