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Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all!

1. Name: Jak
2. Nickname: Lord Jak, Sin, An'lo
3. Age: 19
4. Birthdate: Sept 26
5. Height: 5'7"
6. Gender: Male
7. Favorite Color: Red
8. Image Color: Blood Red
9. Eye Color: Blackish-brown
10. Hair Color: Blonde
11. Symbol: Fox
12. Favorite Animal: Bat
13. Character: open-minded, quiet, extremely loyal, patient, clingly, sarcastic, a bit of a pervert, calm, Optimist, not very trusting...
14. Likes: anime/manga, writing, drawing, freaking out my friends, darkness, exploring things
15. Dislikes: my family and childhood, people prying into my business, extremely happy people (ex: Conrad of KKM), people insulting my friends, government, being alone, feeling weak and scared
16. Favorite Person: Ron Ron
17. Hated Person: My parents
18. Loved Ones: Everyone in Ron Ron's family
19. Specialties/Talents: drawing, freaking out my friends, making people laugh or feel better about themselves
20. Hobbies: drawing, rpgs, archery, climbing to the top of the highest tree around, cross-dressing, playing the piccolo and the guitar, kung-fu
21. Interest: rpgs, anime/manga, mythology/supernatural, mahjongg
22. Strong Points: open-minded, understanding, Extrovert, loyal, ability to hide my emotions, Optimist, protective of things I care about
23. Weak Points: watching my language, letting out my emotions
24. Personal Policy/Motto: Love is love no matter what form, shape, race or gender.
25. First Person: Ore
26. Type: silent pain
27. Mature or Immature?: mature
28. Leader or Follower?: leader
29. What kinds of food do you eat?: original japanese dishes or surprise-mixtures of foods
30. Decribe your personality: I've done a lot of that already, but I'll have to add that only a few people actually knows the true me. i tend to hide what I am like because I am afraid of what will happen if people were to see what I'm truely like and I was very shock to see that my friend and his cousin (though they couldn't relate) treated me no diffrent when I broke down and told them everything...
31. Favorite DK character and why?: Kharl because I love his quirkyness and how he doesn't really fit into the good/bad categories.
32. Anything else?: I know most of you are thinking I'm not a good son because I said over-and-over how I hate my family, but I have good reasons. And frankly, my friend's family has been much better to me than they ever have. That's all I have to say.
33. Include a picture or describe your physical appearance:
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