Chin Iisou (chin_iisou) wrote in dk_stamping,
Chin Iisou


Name: That's a secret ^_~
Nickname: Iisou
Age: 18
Birth date: June 13
Height: 5’6”
Gender: Male
Favorite color: Green
Image color: Blue
Eye color: Silver-black
Hair color: Orange
Symbol: Bright green cat's eye
Favorite animal: Wolf
Character: shy; open-minded; grim optimist; too forgiving for my own good; distant; quiet
Likes: anime/manga; honesty; loyalty; wildlife; baseball; the supernatural; yaoi/shounen-ai; drawing; reading; writing; singing; quiet places; darkness; traveling; animals
Dislikes: Prejudice; hearing christmas music in Oct!; closed-minded people; doing chores; cooking; sunny/bright days; storms; pain; liars; fake attitudes; cold days and snow; being restrained; being in a closed-off area with no windows; being alone; crowded areas; people watching me; studying for tests
Favorite person:  My mailman Jeff because ever since I was a kid, he's always joked around with me. And he even delivers our mail on Sundays ^^
Hated person:  My neighbors! If only they wasn't a law about killing people...
Loved ones:  My family and friends, even if we don't get along so well
Specialties/Talents: getting sidetracked; Math; collecting things; reading people's aura; speed work; finding things on the internet
Hobbies: collecting things; drawings; reading; writing; playing guitar
Interest: anime/manga; mythology/supernatural; rpgs; learning other languages
Strong points: Creative; friendly; very loyal; optimist; reliable; hiding my emotions; open-minded; protective
Weak points: holding grudges; curious; getting sidetracked; a bit grim; thinking before I speak; dominate and submissive at weird times; my family/friends; tendency to keep people at a bit of a distance even when I care about them
Personal Policy/Motto: Could be worse, we could all be dead...
First person: ore-tachi
Type: Grim Optimist
Mature or Immature?: mature
Leader or Follower: It's an equal mixture of both. I'd rather work together than be in charge or have anyone over me.
What kinds of food do you eat?: Let's just say that no one ever wants to eat what I cook for them...
Personality: honest; grim optimist; friendly; loyal; open-minded; calm; collected; aloof; quiet; hidden emotions; a bit crazy @.@
Favorite DK character and why: Kharl because he seems to always be happy, but then you can see a totally different side of him once he reveals his true feelings and because he never seems to be able to get what he wants even though he controls everything from the shadows.
Include a picture or describe your physical appearance: I don't have any pictures on the web... I'm very pale (enough to blind someone in the sun) with silver-black eyes and bright orange hair which goes about to my shoulder-blades. I'm of medium build with a tattoo (3 inch) of two lizards (yin-yang style - one green with red eyes and the other red with green eyes) on my left bicep. I have small golden earrings with a dark blue feather attached to the right one. I can usually be found wearing a silver anarchy necklace and blue-tinted sunglasses.
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