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[Admin] Happy New Year!

Good luck for 2007, everyone. I hope it's a good one.

The voting contest has now closed. You can continue to vote on the two applications that are currently active, but please don't vote on any older ones as it will mess up my counting. I'll be in contact with the winner over the next few days to discuss prizes. ^_^

A big thanks to everyone who gets up and votes - without this core group of people the community wouldn't run at all! dk_stamping now has 53 members, and I hope to see more of those members getting active this year. It doesn't require a great committment or a lot of time, and you don't have to vote on every single application. More participation makes it more interesting for everyone else.

Cheers from the mods, and enjoy your parties! ^_~

Anddd, the winner is: breyzyyin! ^_^
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