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Fight my clone Garfackys! Conquer all!!

1. Name:
2. Nickname:
3. Age: 18
4. Birthdate: 01/01/1991
5. Height: 5'5"
6. Gender: Female

7. Favorite Color: Purple/Silver
8. Image Color: An light shade of yellow! ^.^
9. Eye Color: Green-brown
10. Hair Color: Dirty Blone or mouse brown

11. Symbol: Capricorn and technically Horse since I was born before the Chinese New Year.
12. Favorite Animal: Seahorses! They are so cute!

13. Character: Loyal to friends and loved ones, to the point of yelling at strangers for making them upset, and stubborn to foolishness.
14. Likes: Chocolate, coffee, books...
15. Dislikes: stuffing, evil people.

16. Favorite Person: My best friend!
17. Hated Person: Ehh... This ones hard! I guess anyone that hurts people I love.
18. Loved Ones: Sisters, parents, friends.

19. Specialties/Talents: I can play the violin a little, and can read books....
20. Hobbies: Books, anime,
21. Interest: Books, anime, animals.
22. Strong Points: I'm good at analyzing things.
23. Weak Points: I'm some what illtempered, not an morning person, not physicaly strong.

24. Personal Policy/Motto: I love my family and friends! ^.^
25. First Person: Erm... I guess boku?
26. Type: Weakling or damsel in distress.

27. Mature or Immature?: inbetween
28. Leader or Follower?: both....

29. What kinds of food do you eat?: Chocolate, anything sweet really.
30. Describe your personality: Erm... Loyal, sweet, loving, caring, smart, and stubborn.

31. Favorite DK character and why?: Nohiro or Gil. Nohiro is so goofy and funny, while Gil is so like a cat I wanna squeeze him tight ^.^

32. Anything else?: Not that I can think of.

33. Include a picture or describe your physical appearance:
Average height, medium length hair, glasses, slightly chubby, and I tend to dress causually.
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