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Dragon Knights Stampings

...who are you in the dk world?...

Dragon Knights Stamping
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Welcome to dk_stamping! Find out which Dragon Knights character you are most like!

Mod: anotherreminder
Mod: raichou
Stamps/other Graphics: moonlitparadox/shrapnelfour/anotherreminder

1. No flaming/insulting anybody. This is supposed to be a fun community. ^^;
2. You must be a member to post.
3. Even if you are not stamped you can vote, so please do!
4. If you don't have any pictures that's fine, just tell us in detail of what you look like instead.
5. All pictures behind the lj-cut, please. If you don't know how to use it, the FAQ is here.
6. So we know that you read the rules, put "Fight my clone Garfakcys! Conquer all!" as the subject.
7. You must fill out the full application and post it, obviously.
8. Be honest to yourself. What's the point of joining if you're going to lie?
9. Once you get 10 votes, you will get stamped.

1. Bold Votes
2. If you are stuck between characters, you can put two in you vote. But no more than two
Example: I thought you were more of a Saabel, with a bit of Rune.
4. If you need the Dragon Knights character profiles as a little "helper", read this journal---> dk_profiles
3. Be nice. ^^

1. The "Image Color" of someone is the color that most represents you. Preferrably, this shouldn't be your favorite color, but there are exceptions.
2. The "Symbol" of someone is a person, place or thing that you feel represents you. Preferably, this should be something one can look up in a tarot book or website of that sort.
3. "First Person" is the way you refer to yourself. In Japan, there are numerous ways to refer to yourself, or say "I". How you talk about yourself is supposedly a very good way for someone to judge your character. For example, I (anotherreminder) would be boku, because I'm friendly with every one and not too formal! ^^ For more information on this, go to the dk_profiles User Info.
4. The "Type" of someone is how you believe other people view you. Think as if you're trying to stereotype from a movie. Like, I would "the ditzy girl who gets killed first" and my friend would be "lying father". These are examples only.


dragon_gypsy was stamped as Thatz.
cairnsy was stamped as Kitchel.
finnedartist was stamped as Rune.
Yin was stamped as Tintlet.
Breyzy was stamped as Alfeegi.
ethereal_escape was stamped as Lykouleon.
trickery was stamped as Cesia.
scico was stamped as Garfakcey.
bearmoon was stamped as Raseleane.
noroi_katie was stamped as both Ringleys and Kitchel.
raichou was stamped as Reema.
anotherreminder was stamped as Thatz.
leira was stamped as Saabel.
rocknlobster was stamped as Cesia.
of_carabas was stamped as Kai-stern.
yamiskuribo was stamped as Nohiro.
shrapnelfour was stamped as Kharl.
funerals was stamped as Lim Kanna.
poftd was stamped as Kharl.
strawberrycafe was stamped as both Kai-stern and Rath.
alle_goriest was stamped as Thatz.
duzie_ou was stamped as Thatz.
wolfram003 was stamped as Gil.
thierrys was stamped as Nohiro.
chance_illuser was stamped as Rath.
ddae was stamped as Tetheus.
thepookybear was stamped as Lykouleon.
shinjitsu was stamped as Gil.
potatooutlaw was stamped as Kitchel.
jazz_glass was stamped as Bierrez.
kerenadarklight was stamped as Thatz.
roninoathwas stamped as Rath.
ellabel was stamped as Reema and Garfakcey.
roxerwolf was stamped as Lim Kanna.
arcesso was stamped as Alfeegi.
kareru was stamped as Thatz.
consequences was stamped as Rath.
stick was stamped as Cesia and Thatz.
kill_the_city was stamped as Nohiro.
sinner_gonou was stamped as Thatz and Rath.
chin_iisou was stamped as Gil.
hazel_grosse was stamped as Kharl.
eternal_otaku was stamped as Tetheus.
graveofdreams was stamped as Kharl.
mister_monday was stamped as Saabel.
obloquy was stmaped as Bierrez.
muahasandnarfs was stmaped as Lykouleon.


Some rules and application questions from bleach_rating


If something should come up, or you have any questions, please feel free to contact a mod. ^^;anotherreminder can be reached via email or with a comment here. raichou can be reached via e-mail.
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